Create your own Gamelauncher without coding today!

With our Software you can create your own gamelauncher for your own game and/or many other games without any knowledge of code.

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Amazing Features

You have many options to edit your launcher to your needs.
Our community can help you via Discord too!

Fast&Easy to use

If you want, you can create your own fully functionable Gamelauncher for your Game within 10 Minutes!

No Coding required

Everything is with Drag and Drop! You dont need to know how to code, we did that part for you!

Many Settings for you

You can edit the Software to your needs and liking!


You can implement your own Homepage within the Launcher, just by putting in your URL!

GamePatcher Wizard

Our Wizard for the AOPS Gamepatcher will lead you trough every single Step to create a self-patching gamelauncher!

Huge Documentation and Discord Support

For any questions you can visit our Documentation and our Discord. Our Community is very helpful too!

Short Gamelauncher Preview Video

Learn more about us, its only 30 seconds

Examples of Supported Games

You can not only create a launcher for your own games, you can also create one for existing games!
This are some Examples:

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Buy now!

GameLauncher Creator

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  • No coding required
  • Discord and Live Support
  • Big and Helpful Community
  • Fast and good Software